Our Story

A glimpse of our story

Many people say that, you can find other boyfriends or girlfriends as long as you want. However, best friend will always stay by your side. People who will act as your last resort when you are in trouble. Now, what will happen when your soulmate is also your best friend? Laras and Bagas began their relationship from a casual friendship, became best friends, and decided to enter the most serious step, marriage. We met and hang with each other only after graduating from their Senior High School. Our friendship story can be described with one word: funny. We sought each other when both of us were in instability.

Our story proved the truth said by an old Javanese proverb: “Witing Tresno Jalaran Soko Kulino” Love happens through habit. God’s plan is always the best. “Let’s grow together,” is our motto. We know, we know! Thinking about the turn of events that happened to us never fail to put smile in our faces, for it never ceases to amaze us! Knowing that both of us have so many things in common to cheer about, and also many different things that made us complete each other. We share same dreams and that makes us ready for a commitment that will last through our lifetimes. Until forever, on it goes.

Happy Couple

A little bit of our background

Irshadi Bagasputro

Born April 16th, 1995. Graduated from Universitas Padjajaran. He is a funny and talented guy (according to him), and that's why Laras loves him (again according to him). Currently worked as Software Engineer for Indonesian Startup, delman.io.

First son of

Rahadi Saputro


Yanita Susanti

Larasati Ayuningrum

Born July 21st, 1995. Graduated from Universitas Indonesia. She is a good listener and soon to be an amazing lifetime partner for Irshadi Bagasputro. Currently worked as Public Relations for Indonesian Agency, SAC Indonesia.

First daughter of

Ismunanto Haribisono


Asih Yuniarti

Event Date

Event will be held on

June 19th 2021

16:00 - 17:00


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